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Setup your eCommerce with the most affordable and complete eCommerce website designing service in Singapore. The eCommerce website design service in Singapore delivering a multi-platform solution.

Save Up to 100% on the solution OR

Get it for just S$ 1250 (till June 30th 2021)

No grant application involved

Unique bundle with website & mobile application

Free 1 year domain & SSL

Free 1 year hosting

Free 1 year warranty and maintenance

An engaging eCommerce application can showcase your products, generate better revenue and increase your brand value.

No Upfront Payments, No Reimbursements

One Solution With Multiple Platforms

Pay monthly S$ 250 in instalments of 5 months

No Filing, No Documentations

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    3 Takeaways With ATEES

    Is there any grant involved to save 100% cost?

    No, You don’t need to qualify for any grant programmes to get 80% or 100% off on the solution. This is a limited time offer provided by the company for Singapore SMEs to fight against this pandemic. However, Government is also providing complete support for SMEs with multiple productivity solution grant programmes like PSG, EDG etc.

    What are the process involved to get this offer?

    Just consult with our representative and opt for your preferred solution. Once you sign up, you will pay the price after the respective discount only. Here you don’t need any documentation, no online application, no full payment, no reimbursement waiting period etc. This is a flat discount offered by the company.

    What is this 80% off and 100% off?

    These are 2 cases where you can save on your online business setup. We offer 80% off on all our eCommerce bundle. Where you need to pay only after the discount price. If you opt for our digital marketing package with eCommerce, you will get 100% off on your eCommerce solution.


    Learn more about the features of our eCommerce solution

    • Project Level Support
    • Operational Management 
    • Website Management
    • Integrations & Tracking
    • Mobile Application
    Project Level Support


    An experienced project coordinator will be assigned to provide complete support to you during the implementation of the complete solution.


    The dedicated local support team will be made available for you to address all the concerns during the extended working hours from 9 am to 8:30 pm SGT.


    Free post-implementation training will be provided by our representative and ensure you can manage the Website independently. We provide 2x 2 hours face-to-face/online call training.

    Operational Management 


    Convenient user experience. Customers can checkout as Guest or Registered Users. This helps companies to identify and grow their regular customer database to increase sales and revenue in the extended run.


    Order Management System allows you to view all the incoming orders and processes every order. An order update will initiate another step on the needs and demands of your store operations. The system additionally incorporates various filters for the convenience of processing orders.


    Sell anything unlimited from physical to digital products in a series of categories & variations. Product management allows you to easily manage product details on a day to day basis. You can easily update name, price, description, specifications, images, variations and more.


    Order Management System allows you to view all the incoming orders and processes every order. An order update will initiate another step on the needs and demands of your store operations. The system additionally incorporates various filters for the convenience of processing orders.


    Get insight into complete reports and understand the trends and your customer behaviour. Reports provide you with an understanding of your Sales, Orders, Customers and Inventory. Track most selling products, loyal customers and their geolocations. All reports can be exported to CSV uploaded to your accounting software.

    Website Management


    Manage every bit of content on the website by yourself from anywhere and anytime from your website. This helps you to single-handedly manage your promotions and other changes in the website apart from product and order management.


    Visibility in search engine is one of the factors that could potentially increase your website traffic. We understand this and the platform is optimised to rank higher in search engines.


    Flexible coupon code generation can grant you a competitive pricing edge over competitors. It allows you to easily attract the first time and even returning customers with marketing campaigns. With discount deals, you can run flash sales that increase user traffic over time. This helps to increase sales and customers by offering different forms of promotions.


    The business website comes with dedicated conversion tools like Chatbot, Newsletter, Cart Abandonment Email and Upselling tools that further increase your organic traffic and improved interaction with potential customers.


    You are the sole owner of data collected through the platforms. It is neither saved nor shared with any other platforms or entities.

    Integrations & Tracking


    Integrated third-party delivery will help in real-time shipping quote generation and scheduling of delivery from the dashboard. Partner with the third-party delivery service and automate the logistics process. Locally, we also work with NinjaVan, Lalamove and more.


    Ability to accept a wide range of online payments with the integration of payment solutions like Omise, PayPal, Stripe etc to additional payment methods like PayNow, Apple Pay and Google Pay!


    The website comes with a novel setup that allows you to monitor and analyse your website traffic using Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc.

    Mobile Application


    For daily operational and management work.


    Notify the customer whenever they make any transaction with your solution. Do it with a completely customised design representing your brand. This builds trust and client retention.


    With push notification, a direct medium of communication is established with customers. Here customers can be communicated with transactional information, offers, deals, and more directly to their mobile without email or SMS.


    Why ATEES becomes first choice preference for eCommerce Website

    The simplicity and uniqueness in eCommerce website design in Singapore made us special

    Professional Team

    Project Coordinator

    Graphic Designer

    Content writer



    Brand Matching

    Brand matching designs

    Royalty-free images

    Comprehensive Solution

    Responsive website

    Multiplatform applications

    Digital Marketing

    Extended Support

    Free hosting

    Support and Maintenance

    Bug fixing

    Support over Phone, Email, WhatsApp

    Free dedicated training sessions

    User Experience

    One-click checkout

    Transactional emails Transactional Notifications

    User behaviour analysis and optimisation


    Cost effective eCommerce Website Designing

    We have made packages flexible to match your budget.

    E-Commerce Bundle
    Save Up to 80% on eCommerce Bundle
    Complete eCommerce Solution
    Website & Mobile Application
    1 Year Free Maintenance
    1 Year Free Hosting
    1 Year Free SSL
    4 Hours Training
    E-Commerce With Marketing
    Save 100% on eCommerce Bundle
    Complete eCommerce Solution
    Website & Mobile Application
    Free Maintenance
    2 Years Free Hosting
    2 Year Free SSL
    4 Hours Training


    Start Your Online Business in 6 Easy Steps

    1. Consultation

    Speak to our consultant to identify your concerns and learn more about your eCommerce website designing requirements.

    2. Sign Up For Service

    Based on the consultation we will share the proposal. Sign the document and complete the onboarding process.

    3. Branding Research

    We will brand match the design for your business analysing the market and competitors.

    4. Design & Development

    Our developers will work jointly to deliver you your desired website on time.

    5. Test & launch

    We will analyse and test the solution for its competency, security and performance.

    6. Marketing & Support

    We will continue to market your platforms through our marketing channels and provide the necessary bug fixes if any.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    There is a lot you may want to ask us. Here are some of them that we had already answered. You are free to go through all before ringing us.

    Why should I prefer ATEES to develop my eCommerce website?

    ATEES has been serving its client across the globe since 2012. Over the years we have developed eCommerce solution for our clients across 3 countries.

    We have tailored our solution to make it affordable for all sectors of business based on their business. Flexible pricing has attracted more customers from different sectors of business.

    We provide a complete eCommerce solution that includes multiple platforms that help to find and retain customers.

    Will the website match my company branding?

    Yes, the design and colour combinations will be matching your branding.

    Will I miss any standard features as the pricing is very competitive from others?

    That is a good question, when comes to keeping the pricing competitive companies take up several strategies. First of all, we believe in providing solutions that are affordable for each business rather than claiming on our inventory and manpower strength. So we cut down many such expenses to keep the price in check.

    Secondly, our development team is spread across multiple countries and we balance human resource to reduce the salary expenses.

    Finally, we build a solution for a customer and reuse the same resources for the second client to cut down the resource usage. All these commutatively provide us with the freedom to cut down the final product cost.

    Do I need to qualify for any of the Grant Programmes?

    No. Though the grant programs like PSG and EDG highly in support of SMEs in Singapore, we go a step ahead to provide a flat discount of up to 100% on the eCommerce packages.

    Am I eligible for this offer if I am the Sole Proprietor of my business. ?

    Yes, as long as you fall under Singapore SME, you can enjoy the benefits of this offer.

    Can I get this offer if my company is not yet registered?

    Yes, you can get the offer and we will set up your eCommerce solution. However, it will be made available to the public only when you provide a registered legal name and details for the company. Meanwhile, you can do test the solution in an inside loop.

    Is this a guaranteed offer or just a marketing gimmick?

    If we had promised it, then you will receive it. We do it to support our SMEs during this pandemic.

    Is there any recurring or hidden fee involved?

    There is no hidden fee involved.

    After 1 year free period, there will be an annual recurring fee for the following services

    • Hosting, Domain and SSL
    • 3rd Party services or plugins that require annual subscription fees (if any)
    • Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) (if required)
    What is the estimated duration for the development and delivery of the solution?

    We can provide a better insight into the delivery duration once you have shared the details of your requirement with our Sales team. Contact Us for a free, 60 mins consultation today.

    As the eCommerce solution is customised for your desired Design, Contents and Features, the estimated schedule depends on the time is taken for you to confirm the designs as well as the complexity of the features.

    In addition, the review time for your mobile applications to be published on the respective store completely depends on each platform.

    What if I require additional features for my eCommerce website? can I still 80% offer?

    We deliver the solution at this price only because we follow strict control to limit our expenses at check and reuse the modules that we have already built. If there is additional customisation we will bill that at the standard rate. However, the discount for the base module will remain the same, only the additional work will be charged.

    What we can do in such a scenario we also help you apply for EDG Grant for customizing solutions if that solution helps you to improve your business.

    Do you allow the modification of your payment terms?

    You may contact our sales team to confirm this, we provide flexible payments for businesses on a case by case basis.

    Why you have not listed among the Pre-approved Grant vendor even if you are providing such a robust eCommerce solution?

    We didn’t apply to become any Grant approved vendor as are already providing the solution for the after grant amount. Becoming approved will help us to price higher but it will only add more process for our customers to save this 80%. 


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