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Better Visibility With Facebook Marketing Singapore

Facebook marketing in Singapore harnesses the immense marketing services offered by Facebook. That makes sure the campaign efficient to target your potential customers. Thus reaching out to the audience most likely in need of your product or service.

Facebook offers exceptional visibility for your business among your customers. Facebook prevails over other such platforms with its largest network of active users. As the latest reports suggest, 3.5 million Singaporeans log into the service every day. The number climbs to 1.2 billion people while considering the same around the world. This makes Facebook the leading social media marketing platform. Facebook marketing Singapore helps companies looking to reach a mass audience. The service will expose your business to audiences both at home and overseas.

Our Facebook Marketing covers the entire needs in creating and retaining your customers

Your Business Facebook Page Management

The business page often tells you the story about the entire business. Users can understand the business from its category to reputation in its first look. So it is important to have an attractive page that can at a time attract and keep users engaging. We create a business page that blends well with your branding. That ensures to attract your targeted audience any day. Again, facebook page management keeps users engaging. Providing on-time responses to their queries will convert them into paying customers.

Facebook Posts & Promotion Activities

In recent times, Facebook has improvised several options for advertisers. This allows each business to communicate your message with images, text, and videos. This gives you the freedom to decide when and how you can reach your audience. This means our facebook advertising team can create and deliver promotions much better. Posts designed suited to customers’ time constraints, attention span, and current focus, and can offer additional design services which can provide you customized cover images to help your business Facebook page stand out.

Facebook Ad Management With PPC Service

Our Facebook Marketing team in Singapore puts you at the cutting edge of device-specific advertising. We are able to focus your campaign on the devices your target audience is using to access Facebook. Understanding your audience’s device behavior will influence your ad design and overall Facebook advertising strategy. Whether your customers access the service via their smartphones, tablets or desktop computers, your ads will look beautiful, relevant and persuasive.

  • We set up the campaign by analyzing your full potential.
  • We plan and create content that impresses your audience.
  • We create & manage your social media profiles.
  • We respond to your customers on behalf of your firm.
  • We keep promoting social media profile, services & products.
  • We provide you the creative designs for your ad promotion.
  • We advertise your services targeting the potential audience.
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Take advantage of our social media advertising service in the following aspects

  • We keep reviewing & reporting entire campaign progress
  • Interact and Engage your audience
  • Enhance Your Online Presence by adding depth and dimension to your online presence
  • Facebook’s mass appeal makes it an excellent channel to bring new customers
  • Stay engaged with users and serving ads where people already spending their time
  • Improve and then maintain your brand reputation
  • Increase your site’s traffic by bringing in users by driving clicks to your website
  • Renders a gateway way for businesses to steps into any market
  • Increased sales and better profit with low Investment

First, we learn about your business and then plan the entire campaign. We will create a campaign plan that will help you to add value to your business and optimize your ROI. We have our range of packages to make it affordable for all levels of businesses.

See how better you enjoy our services when compared to other PPC Services Singapore

Dedicated Campaign Manager

No Locking Period

Zero Campaign Setup Fee

Monthly Payment

Weekly & Monthly Reports

Extended Working Hours Support

Planning for a professional social media profile for your firm? Get in touch with Facebook marketing specialists to learn new marketing ideas. Don't hesitate to contact us today.

"ATEES Infomedia did a good job in marketing our business through Facebook. Due to this, we are now getting better traffic and business sales from potential clients. Their services enabled our business to reach a wider audience. We are happy with the results provided by ATEES."

Outstretch, Interact and Improves Sales with Our Development and Marketing Services

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Campaign Setup With Dedicated Team

A dedicated team including the campaign manager ensures to target the potential audience. We create a strategy to brand your firm and the keeping users reminding about it. We design your Facebook page and kickstart the campaign to achieve this goal.

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Graphic & Text Content Creation

We make sure the text content and creative designs will be appealing to your audience. So that users will share the posts among their friends and groups. Also the craft it in a way they speak of you brand and your products and services.

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Facebook Page Management

From the start to the end, we design and create your business facebook profile. Also, we manage your profile by guiding your potential customers with their concerns. Achieved by providing an on-time response to their quires on behalf of your firm.

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Weekly Posts & Promotions

With compelling content, we promote your profiles and service to wider audiences. This, in turn, attracts more followers and improves sales opportunities. Thus more profit.

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Facebook PPC Services

We provide unique designs and authentic content that could attract any audience. With proper targeting, we optimized ads to bring qualified leads. They can be later converted as paying customers.

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Review & Reporting

The best this about our services is that you get notified about every about the campaign. With the regular report, you can see the timely progress and stay updated. Stay happy with a peaceful mind..

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Well crafted marketing strategies with engaging content

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Cutting edge websites along with user-friendly designs and layout

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Optimized websites for quality leads and website traffic


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