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In recent years, Enterprise Resource Planning has become one of the most sought technologies in a wide range of industries such as engineering, manufacturing, production and construction. Nearly 50% of Software Development Singapore  companies are planning or have already started to acquire or upgrade an ERP Development Company. Therefore, it is important that a new ERP system should be implemented in your company.

With an ERP software system, it helps business entrepreneurs easily manage the workflow of their company. It is not a software solution but it's more than that. What makes it popular is that with a single solution, all the business processes can be integrated into it. This results in the efficient management of business resources. Opting the services of a reputed ERP software development company in Singapore makes your business smoother.

Choosing the best ERP system is essential for your business to prosper. This is exactly what ATEES provides you with. With many other agencies offering ERP solutions but most of them have not been as successful as we are. We understand that two businesses are not the same when it comes to requirements. Therefore, our solutions are tailor-made for each business type. Our ERP system integrates various processes such as inventory management, planning, sales, finance, marketing, human resources, and more.

ERP software provides many benefits for the organisation where it is implemented. However, if not implemented as per the requirements, it creates a big headache. Being the leading providers of ERP software in Singapore, our ERP solutions are designed and developed with zero-tolerance for errors. Startup or Multinational company, our services suit for any business type. We offer services that result in delivering the right software solution for your business.

The ERP solutions we provide here for your business include the following:

ERP Consulting

Everything begins with a consultation, so does getting an ERP solution. Proper planning is definitely needed for implementing a successful ERP system. Therefore, if you decide to get an ERP solution for your business, the first thing you need is the guidance of an ERP software consultant. For devising the right ERP solution various requirements important to your business are considered and incorporated. This results in delivering a system that is fully compatible with your business services.

ERP Module Development

ERP is an all in one solution for managing various large business processes. To make the workflow efficient, various business processes are implemented as modules. Each module represents a particular business process and the combined execution of all these modules result in business success and many other advantages. Some functional modules include finance, inventory management, etc.

ERP Configuration

To ensure that the various system components work together in a work environment, ERP configuration is important. Once your business requirements are sorted out, the appropriate systems are created for each process. Our team of developers ensure that the developed elements are compatible with each other so as to deliver a seamless user experience.

ERP Integration

For an ERP system to work successfully, it must be able to integrate various business processes. therefore, ERP integration is necessary for the success of a business. Even automation of works depends on ERP integration as they both go hand in hand. Our developers help you integrating your business applications with our ERP solutions easily.

ERP Maintenance

Proper functioning of an ERP software system requires regular maintenance. As per the changing situations, the system has to be updated. Our technical team does all the necessary steps to make your business system up to date and functioning.

ERP Support

Implementing a new ERP system does not give your business the complete results. The software system must need support in order to work accordingly as per changing business needs. This includes updating, technical support and more. Luckily, our team is able to provide this all either via phone or mail.


Our ERP solutions are the perfect choice for simplifying the workflow of your organisation. Choosing our services benefits your business with the following advantages.

  • Complete customization
  • Increased work efficiency
  • Sync business operations
  • Saves time & costs
  • Better business collaboration

ERP solutions are offered by many companies here in Singapore but, not like how we provide. Your business gets to enjoy some fo the exclusive benefits from our solutions.

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"Our ERP software system was developed by ATEES. The system works excellent and so far we have not faced any issues. The technicians from ATEES has been providing periodic support, which is a good thing. We look forward to working with them."

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If your company requires a new ERP system, then visit our office and let us discuss the requirements together.

Real-time Information

Implement ERP solutions and view the complete workflow across various departments in real-time.

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Improved Customer Relationships

Our ERP solutions come with CRM modules that help build positive customer relations. This, in turn, leads to increased sales and profits.

Reduce Operational Costs

Since an ERP solution manages various business processes, the operational costs for each department will be lower.

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