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Everything should have a name, even your business website. Even though your business has a name, if your website doesn't have one, people will have a hard time finding you. Web Domain And Hosting are important for business because it is what showcases your brand, services or style. Web Development Company In Singapore helps to brings your business address for customers in the online world.

There are approximately 333.8 million domain name registrations worldwide and this is increasing steadily by approximately 1.0% each year. This is why the perfect domain name must be chosen for your website.

Once you have made your website live via web hosting, it doesn’t end there. You definitely need to buy domain name for your business website. The services from ATEES, a reputed domain services agency in Singapore will help you with that.

A domain name is an integral part of your business website

Although a domain name is needed for your business website, what is more, important is to avail the services from a well-known agency. Also, when buying domain names, it should be something easy to remember and short. We, at ATEES, provides the best domain name registration services for your business website. What makes our solutions accessible is that we cater to different business types that includes small, medium and large websites.

Another important thing is choosing your preferred domain extension. With more than hundreds of domain extensions to choose from like .com, .net, .tk etc, selecting the one that is popular benefits your business. The .com extension is the most popular domain extension in the world. If your business prefers something more local, we can provide you with a .sg or .com.sg domain. It's all your choice.

Even if you got the right domain name for your website, without web hosting services your website cannot be hosted online. Therefore, it is generally wise to opt for both services from one agency. On choosing us, you get the best domain hosting services, and also, the best web hosting services for hosting your website.


A domain name provides your business with an address for customers to find you easily but, it is more than just an address. In terms of business, a website having a domain name provides certain advantages:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Drives organic traffic
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to remember for customers
  • Higher rankings in search engine

Although there are many other companies that offer domain registration services, what makes us different is that our solutions offer exclusive benefits that you are able to enjoy.

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Flexible Pricing Plans
Technical Support

"We chose ATEES for their web hosting and domain name services. Their team did a great job of hosting our website online. Thanks to them we got the desired domain name for the website. What really surprised us was the overall cost. It was totally affordable. It was a pleasure doing business with ATEES and we look forward to doing more businesses with them. "

Outstretch, Interact and Improves Sales with Our Development and Marketing Services

You get even more benefits in choosing our services. If you are having a business requirement, then let us help you with that using our best services.

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High-quality Services

Our services are of the highest quality such that the customer gets more than the expected services. This also makes us the preferred choice in the event of future services.

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Affordable Costs

Our solutions are affordable for all business types that includes small, medium and large businesses. However, depending on the businesses, the prices may vary.

Skilled Professionals

Our experienced team makes sure that your business website gets the right domain name services with ease. They also provide dedicated assistance to tackle any sort of problems.

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ATEES has been one of the best digital marketing agency in Singapore since 2012. We have served many brands across the globe. Our prime concern is to provide digital solutions for startup, small and large businesses. 

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