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Security is one of the most important factors in the worldwide web. Since the Internet has made our lives easier and accessible, the need for SSL security Certificates is very much important. Customers all over the world prefer to communicate and share information with sources that are trustworthy. This includes visiting websites for shopping, browsing, or communicating through submitting information. Generally, any web designing company in Singapore will bundle this with their products, however there are instances where it may required additionally to install SSL for your website.

No customer would prefer a non-secure website, even if it is well designed by the best Web Designing Company In Singapore. This is why almost every company prefers a secure socket layer (SSL) digital certificate for their websites. When your website gets an SSL certificate, a padlock symbol appears to the left side of https:// in the address bar. If your website has these, then it is considered secure by customers.

If your business website needs one to be secure, then get one from ATEES, the best SSL certificate provider in Singapore. SSL certificates make your website secure from threats and other online fraudulent activities. Also, SSL encrypts the data traffic which facilitates secure communication between the customer and the website.

A secure website means that customers will trust your brand, which, in turn, traffic and profits. If you are having a website for your business, it must be made secure with an SSL certificate.

SSL certificates provide a secure and encrypted environment for your website

SSL certificates are generally available in various levels of security depending on the business type. Having SSL certificates is essential for higher ranking in search engines. If your website is not secure, it will be identified & listed as non-secure by Google.


Being the top SSL certificate provider in Singapore we provide secure SSL certificates that provide a secure environment for all your online transactions & communications. Depending on the number of your domains and subdomains, we offer different levels of SSL certificates for your website:

  • Domain Validation (DV) SSL
  • Extended Validation (EV) SSL
  • Organisational Validation (OV) SSL

Here, the domain validation which is the least expensive and common one. If your website includes confidential data & involves communication, you can opt for either the organizational validation or the extended validation, which provides the highest degree of security.

Each certificate caters to different business type. If your website does not include sensitive information, then a DV SSL is fine. If it includes confidential data & involves communication, either an OV SSL or EV  SSL is preferred as it offers the highest degree of security. If you are unsure about what type to choose, we will provide the right SSL certificate for your business website. In terms of business perspective, a secure website has far more advantages than a non secured one.

  • Increased Revenue
  • Protection of Sensitive Data
  • Better Customer Trust
  • Secure Environment for Communication

Many well-known companies in Singapore have availed our secure socket layer certificate solutions and their businesses have become successful. What makes us the right choice for your business is the exclusive benefits you get to enjoy from our solutions.

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Improved Browser Compatibility
Highest Level of Encryption

"Our e-commerce website was made secure from threats by the effective services of ATEES. Since our website involved payment gateways, we wanted to make it secure so we chose for an EV SSL certificate. It was a great experience working with ATEES."

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What more do you want for your business?. Choose our solutions and get even more exclusive benefits.

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Reasonable Pricing Plans

We are able to cater to a wide variety of clients and their business interests by our affordable SSL certificate plans. Although the SSL certificate price may vary based on the type of SSL certificate chosen for the website.

Skilled Professionals

The combined efforts of our security experts make sure that your website remains secure and protected from online threats.

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ATEES has been one of the best digital marketing agency in Singapore since 2012. We have served many brands across the globe. Our prime concern is to provide digital solutions for startup, small and large businesses. 

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