Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Manage Your Customers & Sales Easily

Track and manage your leads, sales & customers activity throughout the solution. Identify the opportunities, create quotations, sales orders, and more. Users can access the system any time from anywhere around the globe.

Identify your opportunities and stay focused on your potential leads. Create your pipeline according to your preferences. Organize your opportunities by Dragging & dropping it from one state to another. Grab visual information about the next actions, new messages, opportunities and forecast revenues.

  • The centralized system enables to manage customers, leads, opportunities record, and their status.
  • Get to all the important data about each contact. Improvise estimated revenue and conversion rate. Schedule your next actions and meetings straight from the lead form.
  • Understand how well you perform with your monthly targets. Schedule your work depending on your marked next activities.
  • Convert leads to sales in only a couple of clicks. Get a total overview of client history.

Our CRM Software Features :
  • Log your calls with the customers
  • Lead, Opportunities & Customers Database Management
  • Sales Agent Management
  • Modern Interface Dashboard
  • Activities and Calls management
  • Sales Pipeline Customization
  • Quotation, Invoices, Sales Order Management
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Leads & Opportunities Status Reports
  • Sales Reports Generation


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CRM Features


With our HashMicro CRM software, it is possible to identify any contacts which may be a lead for the future. This covers the opportunities that can be altered to success.



The benefits of using a HashMicro Singapore software includes tracking your sales team. With the salesperson management feature, you can check their tasks. Salesperson's performance analysis is also easy.



Track your call logs for all kinds of calls and secure the needed information within a blink of time. Thus, enhance your customer service and great turnarounds.



Manage and control all invoices and sales orders easily with the aid of HashMicro Singapore CRM Software. Besides, the user can easily handle different types of data about sales and come up with great details. These are some of the benefits of a Customer Relation Management System Software Singapore



Experience the easiness of tailored emails to the lead segment activities and ready-made campaigns. Manage a bulk number of emails by creating templates.



Get a great picture of the opportunity pipeline. Our drag and drop interface helps you to work swiftly. Setting up specific pages for sales department will be easy. Besides, the chances of creating sub-stages lead to a better systematic process.

Integrating our CRM software with many ERP modules like Inventory, HRM, Accounting system help you to reach more heights. Enjoy more automation and growth for your venture with our CRM solution.

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