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Do you run a business?

If so, how can you be more successful and profitable? Have you ever noticed the power of Digital Marketing and branding techniques in this regard?. If not, it is not the eleventh hour, you can make use of this innovative platform to boost your business. No matter, what is your business type or size.

Advertising media such as newspapers, Television, Radio are traditional ways to reach people. Now, we are living in a digital world, more and more things and services are digitizing day by day. The average time spent on online media is increasing and the attention span is very high. Advertising for boosting business or establishing a brand name needs a tedious task.

Utmost care should be taken on where, how advertising is placed. One of the effective and powerful techniques for promoting your brand is through the use of advertising via social media marketing services. Currently, the major social networking sites currently are Facebook & Instagram.  Do you use these online sites for interaction and sharing moments?. Yes! We all do. That answer itself shows the popularity and impact of these social networking sites.

Social media promotion

Reasons to prefer social media advertising

There are plenty. First of all, it is comparatively cost-effective.

Why do we say so?

When we advertise something we fix a budget and bid a price for each impression or clicks. If our advertisements were effective it will generally lead to getting future customers, leads, and an increase in sales. Often, they may increase Search Engine Ranks and traffic into your websites.

Secondly, it is a dynamic tool as its audience attention span is relatively high. You can simultaneously convey the same message to a larger number of people.

Thirdly, it promotes interaction with customers and helps build a good rapport with existing customers. You can read and analyze their behavior toward your business. Where else do you get such benefits?

Fourthly, the popularity and engagement of people in these sites are increasing day by day. As more people use Facebook, Instagram they can see more relevant advertisements to their taste. The number of active members is not diminishing. Lastly, we can reach to potential customers without any age bar. Despite their ages, they are taking a good part in these sites.

Facebook advertisements marketing analyses and observes consumer’s tastes, likes, location, demographic details creating advertisements. Money spent on social media marketing is always beneficial rather than any other media. Choosing Digital Marketing and Branding services from a good agency provide the best services for your business which in turn is your customers. If your advertisements are good, it will generate high-quality clicks that produce great value for your business. 

A brief look at  Facebook business advertising ways

Facebook Messenger Ads

These are the advertisements designed to start instant message-based conversations with potential customers. They are designed in a way, it seems more personal.

Canvas Ads

It is ultimately dedicated to giving a full-screen experience and delivering life to brands or products via mobile. 

Story Ads

Story advertisements support every kind of product objective such as brand awareness, reach, conversion rates, installing apps, and generating business leads.

Lead Ads

Lead ads is one of the best options proposed by Facebook ads company. They allow advertisers to collect information from prospects directly from mobile ads.


The popularity of Instagram ads

Instagram is primarily popular for sharing moments, includes high-quality videos and photos. If you are determined to establish a business on Instagram, you have to incorporate your business ideas with people’s aptitudes. This will surely lead increase in followers and future customers.

A recent study revealed that 80% of people discover and follow the business on Instagram. Follow their passion and relate to your business. Business advertising must have a targeted audience and their behavior can be considered creating messages. What are the different types of advertisements?

Photo Ads

Photos can be in parallel or landscape format. They usually convey a message through a clean, beautiful canvas. 

Video Ads

Like photo ads, you can bring visual, motion effects to your video ads. The duration of these videos can be up to 60 seconds. 

Carousel Ads

Here, you can add a greater layer to advertising, where people can glance at more details just swiping on photos or videos.

Choosing Atees

Investing in social media marketing services will surely make a difference. However, to do that, one must choose the services of a well-known digital marketing company. Various digital marketing companies are offering different kinds of marketing services. If your business needs such services, then ATEES is the best option you can choose. We are known worldwide for our effective digital marketing and branding services that include SEO, SEM, PPC, Email marketing, and more.

We have also done business with several well-known clients and their business has become successful over time. Your business can become different and successful by implementing our renowned social media marketing services. All you need to do is visit our website or contact us to book an appointment.

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